01/04/2021 Public Consultation on the “Procurement of small sized bucket trucks”
11/12/2020 Public Consultation "Preliminary Network Development Plan 2021 - 2025 "
18/11/2020 Public Consultation on Technical Description for the Supply of Small Sized Bucket Trucks
15/09/2020 Public Consultation of the conduct an RFI (Request for Information) titled “Impregnated Wooden Poles”
30/06/2020 Public Consultation of the Technical Specification Remote Terminal Units for telecontrol & fault detection in MV/LV indoor substations
18/06/2020 Public Consultation of the Technical Specification “Portable Reference Standard Electricity Meter”
09/01/2019 Public Consultation of the Technical Description «Metal Oxide Surge Arresters 5 kA and 10 kA, without gaps, with composite housing, for 20kV Distribution Networks»
02/04/2018 Public Consultation "Project Implementation of the Athens Central Energy Control Center (ECC) and the Local ECC for the Electrical Power System in Rhodes"
27/03/2018 Public Consultation of Technical Specifications of Electronic MV Meters and Modems
23/01/2018 Public Consultation of Electric Vehicle Charging Techniques