News brief of 2.6.2016

News from the Greek energy market:

• Regulatory Authority of Energy (RAE), the responsible body for the protection of energy consumers, published the Annual Report on energy consumers' written reports submitted to the Authority in 2015, in order to inform all parties and persons involved in the energy market. (Α.1)
Within 2015, which was the third year that the Code of Electrical Energy Supply (KPIE) was in effect, there was a gradual decrease of reports submitted to RAE and a decrease in information requests towards the Authority, which could indicate that the Code can adequately and fully meet the need for resolving consumer protection-related energy supply issues in the retail market. Moreover, Electrical Energy Suppliers have greatly adjusted their statutory obligations under the provisions in the Code of Electrical Energy Supply and have been quite effective in informing consumers by issuing company brochures listing services, detailed charges, explaining energy market terms that are difficult to understand, setting up customer service departments and, overall, by maintaining a content-rich company website.
The relevant report is hereto attached.

European news:

• EURELECTRIC was a participant in the Commission's consultation procedure regarding the building of an innovation strategy that would have to be applied by the Energy Union. (Β.1.) Below are its main recommendations on the innovation policy to be implemented:
- A solid and clear framework;
- A technology-wise neutral approach;
- Focus on synergies - cooperations as regards innovation activity in the member states.
EURELECTRIC's response is hereto attached.
• SEDC’s (Smart Energy Demand Coalition) report is of exceptional interest as it discusses the value of being flexible in terms of demand management and, specifically, of operating energy distribution networks, and the changes to be made at a regulatory level, but also the new role that DSO is called to assume. (B.4.) SEDC report hereto attached.

Information records

RAE annual report on energy consumers' written reports for 2015

EC public consultation on the development of a comprehensive, integrated Research, Innovation, and Competitiveness Strategy for the Energy Union

SEDS Demand Response at the DSO level