News brief of 10.10.2016

News from the Greek energy market:

RAE has submitted to public consultation the amendment to its decision No 1599/2011 on the "Meters and quantity measuring" as required by the MD D6/F1/Οur ref.8786/6-5-2010 (ΥΑ Δ6/Φ1/Οικ.8786/6-5-2010), Implementation of a system of guarantees of energy origin for RES and CHP and of an assurance mechanism thereof". Interested parties can join this public consultation process by submitting their views via email at, no later than Monday, October 17, 2016. (Α.1)
RAE communicated its Decision No. 334/2016 on the amendment to the Code of Electrical Energy Transactions and the relevant Guide. HEDNO pointed out that said decision brings amendments to paragraphs 1-3 in Article 72 of above Code referencing the separate accounts kept in the accounting system of the Market Operator as well as the revenue amounts contained in the energy market and aid sub-accounts. There have also been amendments to the wording in paragraph 4 in Article 72, to the title in Chapter 19 and to a term therein, as well as to paragraph 3 in Article 92. A final amendment was applied by adding a chapter (No. 20 entitled: "TRANSITIONAL PROVISIONS OF SURCHARGE ACCOUNT A-G (Λ-ΣΤ)" (Α.2).

Upcoming events

ENTSO-E to hold a Conference on the energy market in Southeastern Europe (03.11.2016, Thessaloniki) (C.2)

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Commenting on the CEER «Benchmarking Report on the Quality Supply of electricity and gas supply»