News brief of 15.7.2016

News from the Greek energy market:

• RAE has submitted a proposal to public consultation regarding possible use of storage means at RES stations to maximize participation of RES-generated energy in the NII energy mix. (Α.1)
• Moreover, RAE has submitted to public consultation the amendment to the Code of Management of the Hellenic Electricity Transmission System as regards the Transitional Flexible Capacity Fee Mechanism. (Α.2)

European news:

• The 4 DSOs expressed their concerns towards the European Commission about the provisions in the Network Code on matters of Emergency Restoration (NC ER), as these generate new obligations for them in terms of emergency and energy restoration. (Β.1)
• Participants in the CEER annual conference focused on consumer and retail market issues (Α.3 & Α.5)
• New directions are expected to be provided within the next six months regarding RES, energy efficiency and market planning. In the framework of an unofficial meeting of the Ministers of Energy and Environment, EDSO for Smart Grids discussed the fact that the decarbonisation targets set by the European Union can only be achieved if assisted by smart energy infrastructures (Α.6)

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