News brief of 17.5.2016

News from the Greek energy market:

• Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE) has submitted to public consultation a proposal-report prepared by the Operator of Electricity Market (L.AG.I.E.) to modify Code of Electrical Energy Transactions (KSIE) and its respective guide; such modification aims at introducing new provisions to calculate Supplier Energy Mix and the country's Residual Mix. (Α.1)
According to the submitted documents, L.AG.I.E. undertakes to calculate the Residual Energy Mix and the Mix of the respective Supplier on an annual basis by using the data from the Registries kept by the Issuing Body (F.E.) under Law Ν.3468/2006, as in force, the data of Guarantees of Origin (GO) from the Registries kept by the other two FEs, namely, the Non-Interconnected Islands Operator and the Center for Renewable Energy Sources (CRES) as well as production and consumption data communicated by System Operator, Network Operator and the Non-Interconnected Islands Operator based on the following assumption:
1. Residual Mix cannot be divided into three distinct ones for the, e.g., a) Interconnected System (L.AG.I.E. Domain), b) Non-Interconnected Islands (HEDNO Domain), and c) Self-contained systems (CRES Domain). There is only one category of residual mix, which covers the entire national territory.
2. GOs coming from RES and high-efficiency CHP paid through a L.AG.I.E. dedicated account are used to determine the particular Supplier Energy Mix.
3. The number of GO issuing bodies (three) remains unchanged under Law Ν.3468/2006.

European news:

• The role of DSOs in market operation, storage and infrastructure for electromobility has been deemed to be a "grey zone". EURELECTRIC submits its positions on the subject, which has also been examined by CEER and Florence School of Regulation (Β.1)
• EURELECTRIC's stance is that innovation can help address climate change and energy-related challenges. (Β.8)
• The 2nd out of a total of 8 network codes has been delivered. Network Codes will pave the way for the new era for RES. This NC will constitute the basis for the establishment of new rules as to RES connection to networks applied across EU since mid-May this year.(Β.11)

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