News brief 17.6.2016

News from the Greek energy market:

• The Ministry of Environment and Energy has launched a public consultation on a draft law entitled "New support system for power plants using renewable energy sources and combined heat and power schemes. The purpose of this draft is to develop a new support system for power plants using renewable energy sources (RES) and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) compatible, inter alia, with the "Guidelines on State aid in the fields of environment and energy (2014-2020)".
The public consultation will end on Monday, 27 June 2016 at 14:00.
Attached is the relevant draft law (Α.1)
• RAE has launched a public consultation on the proposals to amend the relevant provisions of the Operation Code of Non Interconnected Islands Power Systems (OG B '304 / 11.2.2014) and the temporary LR Guarantee Calculation Methodology in NII (RAE Decision no. 47/2016).
Interested parties are invited to present their comment to RAE by Tuesday, 21 June 2016 (Α.2)

European news:

• Following our reference in our previous news brief to the annual meeting of EURELECTRIC on "E-lectricity: the Power Sector goes Digital", this news brief comprises:
o The most important points of the second day of the conference: Markets and grids in a digital age (B.12), and
o The comments made on the issues of energy retail market: Spotlight on retail session (Β.11)
• Of particular interest is the report of EURELECTRIC entitled: ‘Retail pricing for a cost-effective transition to a low-carbon power system’, which highlights the mismatch, often ignored, between the structure of retail tariffs of electricity in relation to the underlying cost structures, impeding the strengthening of the role of consumers. (Β.8)
• You can also be informed of the positions presented by EURELECTRIC in the context of the Florence Forum, on the key elements that should have a more decentralized power system to accommodate a more effective retail pricing and data management without discrimination (Β.4)
• Of particular interest is also the summary (from EURELECTRIC) of the workshop organized by the Commission, on promoting incentives for DSOs in the regulatory framework to introduce more innovation (B.1) (attached)

Information Records

Eurelectric: Stakeholders call for innovation incentives for DSOs

Draft Law: New support system for power stations using Renewable Energy Sources and Combined Heat Power schemes