News Brief of 20.4.2016

Νews from the Greek energy market:
-has published the annual compliance report of HEDNO within the scope of L. 4001/2011.
-has issued the temporary methodologies for assessing Consumed Energy, Billed Energy and NII Load Representative Representation Rate, and calculating NII Load Representative Guarantees in the context of activation and application of the NII Management Code, with a view to opening the market of NII electrical systems as regards the supply activities and the representation of NII consumers from independent suppliers,
- has put into Public Consultation the amendment of the Market Clearance Manual of the Code of Management of the Hellenic Electricity Transmission System (HETSCM) and in particular the clearance procedure of the Interruptible Load Service. The PC ends on Friday, 06.05.2016
• The 6th Info Day for Smart Grids has been successfully held. The Chairman and CEO of HEDNO Mr. Nikolaos Chatziargyriou has invited the representatives of the scientific community participating in the Day to cooperate in areas of common interest such as:
- Supervision and Control of Distribution Network in real time
- Increase of dispersed generation penetration in distribution networks
- Operation of Non-Interconnected Islands with high RES penetration
- Integration of Demand Management Techniques
- Cybersecurity
- Electrification

European news:

• The annual joint DSOs Conference on 'Innovative DSOs in a decentralised energy system’ has been held. Mrs Politopoulou was a rapporteur and panelist in this conference, presenting the positions of EURELECTRIC on Why DSOs should be encouraged to invest in innovation, How innovative investments may be financed and what is the appropriate structure of tariffs for effective use of Network. In the context of the conference, she gave a relevant interview that you may find in the EURELECTRIC link  
• The EURELECTRICS publication: ‘Myths and realities of European electricity retail markets’ that examines the conditions in the retail electricity markets of the European Area (Β.3.) is also of particular interest.
• The comparative study conducted by CEER (Β.5), which we have referred to in a previous update, also deals with the conditions of the retail electricity markets in the European Area, addressing the obstacles to market opening.
• The processes on the Energy Union relating to key indicators and planning and reporting obligations under the Energy Union governance are ongoing. EURELECTRIC has participated in the consultations (Β.2.)

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