News brief of 21.10.2016

News from the Greek energy market:

RAE has submitted to public consultation a draft amendment to the ministerial decision on the issue of net metering, and net metering and virtual net metering draft contracts.
The main intent is to amend the existing institutional framework governing net metering upon evaluation of the conclusions drawn from the implementation of the existing program, and to draft and implement an institutional framework that enables specific groups of electricity consumers under para.1 in Article 14Α of L.3468/2006 as such paragraph has been replaced by para. 7 in Article 13 of L.4414/2016 currently in force, to credit the energy surplus produced by generators to the total output used by one or more facilities that are not on the same site (virtual net metering) (Α.2)
Consultation process expires on Monday, October 31st 2016.

European news:

In his speech in the Business European Power Market Summit held in Brussels, Commissioner for Climate Action & Energy, Mr Miguel Arias Cañete, said that the new measures to be announced later this year could boost the EU's GDP by 1% by 2030 pumping euro 190 bln. into the Union's economy and creating up to 900.000 new jobs.
The new EU regulatory package will cover RES, energy efficiency, especially for buildings, energy market planning and Energy Union Framework Strategy (Β.1).

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