News brief of 21.12.2016

News from the Greek energy market:

1. Following RAE's opinions published in the Government Gazette (FEK), decisions on the following: a) type and contents of the Operating Aid Contracts for the Reinforcement of Incremental Augmentation for RES and CHP stations (excluding hybrid stations) operating within the Interconnected System and Interconnected Grid, as per para. 3 of Article 9 in L.4414/2016 [Issue B FEK (GG) 4072/19.12.2016, and b) the type and contents of Operating Aid Contracts for the Reinforcement of the Establishment of Fixed Value for Non-dispatchable RES stations on the Network of Non-Interconnected Islands under of para. 4 of Article 10 in L. 4414/2016 [Issue B FEK (GG) 4069/19.12.2016].

2. By its decision 410/2016, RAE amended its earlier 1599/2011 decision, thereby finalizing approval of the new version of "Meters and quantity measuring" as required by ministerial decision Δ6/Φ1/οικ.8786/6.5.2010 (D6/F1/Οur ref.8786/6-5-2010) on the implementation of a system of guarantees of energy origin for RES and CHP and of an assurance mechanism thereof."

European news:

Α. Set up of ETIP-SNET working groups

The new European Technology and Innovation European Technology and Innovation Platform - Smart Networks for Energy Transition R&I (ΕΤΙΡ-SNET), with HEDNO Chairman and CEO Mr. N. Chatziargyriou acting as the Vice Chairman representing EDSO, announced the launching of the below Working Groups comprised of over 100 experts who are invited to submit their proposals for achieving the targets set by the European Commission.

Ø  WG1: Reliable, economic and efficient smart grid systems
§ Chair: Vicente Gonzalez Lopez, REE representing ENTSO-E (TSOs)
§ Co-chairs: Werner Friedl, AIT representing EUREC (Research & Academia) and Raphael Rinaldi, ENEL Distribuzione (DSOs) 

Ø    WG2: Storage technologies and sector interfaces
§  Chair: Cristina La Marca, ENEL (DSOs, Storage, Flexible and RES Generation)
§  Co-chairs: Carlos Arsuaga, CIRCE (Research and Academia) and Mathilde Bieber, G.E (Equipment suppliers)

Ø  WG3: Flexible generation
§ Chair: Michael Ladwig, G.E., on behalf of EUTurbines (Equipment suppliers)
§  Co-chairs: Jesus Garcia Martin, Iberdrola Renovables (RES generation) and Pascal Fontaine, CMI Energy (Flexible Generation)

Ø  WG4: Digitisation of the electricity system and customer participation
§   Chair: Maher Chebbo, SAP, representing ESMIG (ICT Technology Providers)
§   Co-chairs: Miguel Sanchez Fornie, Iberdrola, representing EUTC (ICT Technology Providers) and Esther Hardi, Alliander (DSOs)

Ø  WG5: Innovation implementation in the business environment
§ Chair: Emmanouil Kakaras, MHPSE on behalf of EPPSA and EASE (Equipment suppliers, Storage and Sector Interface)
§  Co-chairs: Venizelos Efthymiou, University of Cyprus, representing EURELECTRIC (DSOs, Research and Academia) and Pepyn Fluks, Alliander (DSOs)

WG6 is comprised of national stakeholders from Member States (here attached).

Β. Promotion of innovation in the European Energy System – EURELECTRIC positions

On promotion of innovation in the European Energy System which is part of the "Clean Energy for All Package" to be released by the European Commission on November 30, Eurelectric draws attention to the following:

• The Commission is committed to support innovation in energy storage areas, renewables integration in the system, electricity in transport and decarbonization in buildings. Promotion of research and innovation in those areas requires that the Commission puts regulatory policies and financial tools in place.

• The progress review of Member States based on research and development expenditure does not provide clear indications. A study should be conducted to examine regulatory obstacles hindering implementation of innovative solutions in each Member State separately. Moreover, improvement of the regulatory environment to become innovation friendly is also important.

• Speakers at the SET Plan Conference stressed the need for resolving issues such as adopting a single basis for regulation across EU, achieving convergence of innovation strategies among Member States and ensuring coordinated investment implementation between private and public sectors. The establishment of the European Innovation Council is a good step toward reinforcing cooperation among Member States and addressing market segmentation through a joint innovation policy framework (Β9).

C. EURELECTRIC "Smart Grid Cyber Security" Report

Eurelectric's report entitled: "Smart Grid Cyber Security" deals with security of grids and information systems. The report focuses on the following:

ü  Over the past years, we have been witnessing electrical grids going through a digital transformation, a much necessary one that can help improve the services provided. However, digitalization can entail the risk of cyber attacks that can result in electric grids with data loss, invasion of privacy, even blackouts.

ü  Overall, cyber attacks are rapidly increasing across Europe. In order to address such attacks, network operators should have a well structured cyber security strategy.

ü  Given that DSOs are regulated entities, Regulatory Authorities should approve potentially costly cyber security investments required to ensure cyber security.

ü  Member States should promote the need for hardware certification so that hardware suppliers meet security baselines and allow DSOs to give priority to such certified products.

ü  The European Commission defines smart grids as a “critical infrastructure”, which should operate securely and respect privacy. DSOs should comply with these requirements and collaborate with other stakeholders, such as Regulatory Authorities for Energy, and cyber security and data protection bodies in order to prevent, identify and appropriately manage cyber-threats.

ü  In conclusion, the EU should work on building a cyber security culture, which can only be achieved through its inclusion in the company strategy and implementation of proper investment that will serve this purpose. 

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