News brief of 21.9.2016

News from the Greek energy market:

RAE has made available to the public the table listing the participants in the consultation on the ways to address the issue of electricity theft incidents, and the contents of the letters submitted in that respect. (Α.1)

RAE has made available to the public the opinions expressed by the participants in the consultation discussing the adoption of a Network Management Code (NMC) for the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network. Participants in the consultation were HEDNO, PPC and ELPEDISON. (Α.2)

The Ministry of Environment and Energy has submitted to public consultation a draft law on the reorganization of the electrical energy market (Target model). Both the draft law and consultation outcome can be found on the Consultation website of the Ministry of Environment and Energy. (Α.5)

European news:

EURELECTRIC's WG Distribution Regulation & Policy has recently released the paper "Innovation incentives for DSOs – a must in the new energy market development". Contributor to the paper was also HEDNO Regulatory branch of Strategy & Development Department (SRD). The paper stresses the need to give incentives to DSOs in order for the latter to invest in innovation and thus take on the new, broader role that they are required to play in the EU energy market. The paper also invites policy makers to encourage national regulatory authorities (NRAs) to give DSOs the appropriate incentives to implement the necessary innovative initiatives in order to achieve investment goals. (Β.14) (attached)
The four European associations representing electricity distribution system operators, CEDEC, EDSO, EURELECTRIC and GEODE, and ENTSO-E which represents electricity transmission system operators (TSOs) released a joint report that outlines the way that the rules on data management and exchange are a precondition for the deployment of smart grids. The report intends to initiate a related debate among stakeholders across all networks and markets. (Β.2) (here attached)

Upcoming Events

EURELECTRIC to hold a Conference themed: Winter Package Impact on DSOs (07.11.2016, Brussels) (D.3)
The concept of an EU-level DSO entity will be one of the key topics at the conference, together with the innovation incentives that regulatory frameworks must give to DSO in order to invest in innovations.

Information records

Innovation incentives for DSOs - a must in the new energy market development