News brief of 23.6.2016

News from the Greek energy market:

• Following RAE's invitation of November 12th, 2015 to public consultation on Emergency Plans for the Non-Interconnected Islands, RAE will make available to the public the table listing the participants and the contents of the letters submitted in that respect. (Α.1)
PCC (DEI S.A) was the only participant in the public consultation.

European news:

• It is the first time in 18 years of history of the Florence Forum that retail sale issues, including DSO issues, have been discussed. The Forum addressed Demand Response issues and the future role of Distribution Network Operators. The Forum also tackled wholesale market issues relating to Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and the capacity mechanisms, as these shall be incorporated in the 'Winter Package' that are due to be announced by the European Commission before the end of this year.(Β.1.)
• The results of the GRID4EU Project, whose aim was to demonstrate large-scale solutions for the use of smart grids to be implemented in the management of RES, in the introduction of electrification in network automation, energy storage and load control are of particular interest. (Β.2)
• The results of the event that was jointly organized by EURELECTRC, EUROBAT, EHI, EASE and SolarPower Europe and dealt with energy storage are equally interesting. The main purpose of the event was for participants to identify and discuss solutions for residential cost-effective energy storage - e.g., hot water storage in conjunction with heating electrical devices, storage in on-site pre-installed batteries and electrical vehicle batteries, in order to achieve RES energy self-consumption. (Β.3)
• The issue of energy storage and innovation in this sector is discussed in the public consultation of the Grid+Storage roadmap project, run by the Grid+Storage consortium. (Β.5)
• EURELECTRIC has issued a leaflet on digitilization of the energy industry that presents, among other, the challenges to be addressed by DSOs in the new digital era. (Β.4)

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