News brief of 25.5.2016

News from the Greek energy market:

• The 'Code for Electrical Energy Supply to Consumers' shall be amended by decision of the Minister of Environment and Energy, Mr. Panos Skourletis, which has been published in the GG (FEK Β' 1463/24-05-2016), and addresses the issue of overdue obligations of consumers already under an arrangement plan wishing to switch to a different energy Supplier. (Α.1)
• In line with the procedure set in the provisions in L. 4001/2011, article 108, and article 230 of the HETS Operating Code (Hellenic Electricity Transmission System - ESMIE), RAE has submitted HETS' draft for the ten-year Hellenic Electricity Transmission System Development Program (TDP) to public consultation, which had been initially submitted to RAE by IPTO (Independent power transmission operator - ADMIE S.A.). It should be reminded that at an earlier time IPTO had submitted a draft plan of the specific TDP to public consultation (Α.2).

European news:

• The “2016 Winter Package” new energy package shall become effective in December 2016. The Commission shall reword each part of the 3rd Energy package and review the energy performance directive. The Commission is currently preparing the legislative procedure. The European Council and the European Parliament are expected to join the phase of preparation towards the end of 2017. As we have already mentioned in the previous news brief, retail sale issues (including DSO issues) will be discussed at the upcoming Florence Forum for the first time, as part of the preparation. Within this framework, EURELECTRIC and HEDNO are active participants in discussions relating to the upcoming legislative package. (Β.2)
• The project for the designing of the electric energy market of the future has been launched, EURELECTRIC announced. The project's purpose is to explore long-term scenarios for this type of market. (Β.1)
• The “Quality of Electricity Supply in the Energy Community” report is actually an appendix to “6th CEER Benchmarking Report on Quality of Electricity Supply” report, as it tackles the three dimensions of quality service in energy supply (uninterrupted power supply, voltage quality and commercial quality) and presents the current situation in the Energy Community countries, namely: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYROM, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia and Ukraine. (Β.4)
• EDSO for Smart Grids presents its positions on integrating energy storage into the Distribution Networks, requesting that a regulatory framework be created in that respect. (Β.6)
• CEER presented its positions on the deletion of charges for switching Energy Suppliers. In that respect, CEER considers that charging of supplier contract termination should be reviewed, especially where such contracts are associated with specific energy quantity. (Β.7)
• EURELECTRIC published its report on digitalization of the energy industry and the new issues in energy consumer data management that arose from it. (Β.8)

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