News brief of 25.7.2016

News from the Greek energy market:

• RAE has submitted to public consultation a proposal-suggestion by the Network Operator about the ways to address the issue of electricity thefts in the interim, until the Network Management Code enters into effect, at the same time making available all notifications and opinions of participants in the 2nd NMC Consultation on the respective article (hereto attached) (Α.1)
• Moreover, RAE has submitted to public consultation the first edition of the Code of transactions for auction-operated forward electricity market, until Friday, 26.08.2016. (Α.2)
• The approval of the progress report on achieving the country's energy performance goal in 2015 is now available to the public. (Α.3)

European news:

• EURELECTRIC stresses the importance of eligibility requirements for RES tender procedures, also considering the relevant report by AURES, an EU-funded research project on auctions for RES. As pointed out, sanctioning is not likely to guarantee project implementation. On the contrary, establishing the appropriate eligibility requirements can increase project implementation (Β.4)
• The European Commission finds that electricification is an important part of the solution as regards reduction of emissions in the transport industry. (Β.1) 

Information records

Opinions expressed by participants in the 2nd NMC consulation