News Brief of 28.4.2016

News from the Greek energy market:

• ADMIE (IPTO), following the relevant public consultation in which HEDNO has participated, has submitted to RAE the Ten-year Plan for the Hellenic Electricity Transmission System Development Program (2017-2026). Among the proposed projects is the interconnection of Crete which, at a first stage, is planned to be implemented through Peloponnese with a capacity of ~2Χ140MW and, at a second stage, from Attica with a capacity of 2Χ350MW. (Α.1)
• Participation in auctions for the Interruptible Load Service will henceforth take place electronically through an ADMIE application (ISLA).(Α.2)
• ADMIE has launched a call for expression of interest for the Interruptible Load Service for the period 01/05/2016 to 30/09/2016. (Α.3)

Εuropean news:

• The most important news is the designing of the prospective European electricity market, which has been the subject of the meeting of the European Ministers in Amsterdam. One of the main topics in this meeting was the role that DSOs should have in this market. It is obvious that the important role of the Distribution Network Operators for the proper functioning of the energy market is particularly recognized at the Commission’s level (Β.6). HEDNO closely monitors the relevant developments and actively participates in shaping the regulatory framework, promoting its views to the relevant bodies.
• The development of innovation as a key pillar of the Energy Union and the relevant strategy to be developed is the subject of the public consultation launched by the European Commission. (Β.5)
• EURELECTRIC is proceeding with the upgrading and expansion of its publicly available database where one can find information on the European energy system (Β.2)
• CEER, following a relevant survey and a report on the functioning of the energy (retail) markets presented its findings relating to the existing barriers to new suppliers’ entry. The next step will be to present the best practices for the removal of the barriers. (Β.7)

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