News brief of 30.6.2016

European news:

• ETP Smartgrids evolves into ETIP SNET (European Technology and Innovation Platform Smart Networks for Energy Transition). This reflects the increasing need to consider the smart electricity networks within the wider energy system, broadening the stakeholders to be involved beyond the traditional ones (Distribution and Transmission networks, technology vendors and ICT, research and academia) to storage, consumers and other connected energy carriers. (Α.7)
• ETP Smartgrids presented a number of reports of particular importance, e.g.: (Α.9)
o "The Digital Energy System 4.0" report presents the capabilities of the digital energy system.
o "Progress and Challenges on Asset Management for Future Smart Grids" report, which deals with the challenges to be faced with as to the management of assets for future grids.
o "The need for a fundamental review of electricity networks reliability standards" report.
o "National and Regional Smart Grids initiatives in Europe" report.

• The European Parliament has submitted a request to the European Commission to set a 30% RES coverage target for the year 2030 and a 40% increase in energy efficiency for that same year. (Α.1 and Α.4)

• ENTSO-E and EDSO for Smart Grids ask request that the European energy systems adopt innovation through aligned efforts (at European, national, private and public levels), and that the regulatory authorities provide them with adequate support. (A.5)

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