News brief of 30.9.2016

European news:

CEER produced its 6th Benchmarking Report on the Quality of Electricity and Gas Supply in both EU and third countries. The report contains quality key data such as the number of interruptions of supply and the speed and effectiveness with which customers' requests are handled.
EURELECTRIC met with Directorate-General for Energy of the European Commission to present its report entitled "Innovation Incentives for DSOs", which focuses on the need to give incentives to invest in innovation and improve electrical energy distribution network operation. (Β.2)
CEER presented its Position Paper on the Future DSO and TSO Relationship, which provides an in-depth analysis on how DSOs and TSOs will need to build both a relationship and regulatory arrangements between them to ensure delivery of optimal system outcomes in order to meet the needs of a sustainable energy system. (Β.5) (attached)

News from the Greek energy market:

Following recommendations by the Operator of Electricity Market (LAGIE SA) on non-interconnected system, and by Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator (HEDNO) on Non-Interconnected Islands, RAE has submitted to public consultation the plans on operating aid contracts for the reinforcement of incremental augmentation (S.E.D.P. - Σ.Ε.Δ.Π.) as well as operating aid contracts for the reinforcement of the establishment of fixed value (S.E.S.T - Σ.Ε.Σ.Τ.) for RES and CHP-generated energy.
Interested parties can join this public consultation process by submitting their views via email at, no later than Thursday, October 13 2016. (A.1) (here attached)

Upcoming Events

EURELECTRIC to hold a Conference themed: Winter Package Impact on DSOs (07.11.2016, Brussels) (C.2)
The concept of an EU-level DSO entity will be one of the key topics at the conference, together with the innovation incentives that regulatory frameworks must give to DSO in order to invest in innovations.

Information records

CEER Position Paper on the Future DSO and TSO Relationship