News brief of 7.11.2016

News from the Greek energy market:

RAE has submitted to public consultation a proposal-suggestion by the Market Operator that determines the 2017 annual output for forward market auctions, allocation of such output and auction schedule (Α1).

European news:

European associations representing DSOs (CEDEC, EDSO for Smart Grids, Eurelectric, Eurogas and GEODE) have been working together for some considerable time as part of the transition process currently taking place in the European energy market. Mindful of the fact that DSO matters are becoming of increasing interest, the European Commission has asked for expert and trusted advice in that respect. As regards electricity, CEDEC, EDSO for Smart Grids, Eurelectric & GEODE entered into a Memorandum of Agreement in April 2015 that also involves ENTSO-E. As electricity network congestion becomes a major issue, it is very important to ensure "flexibility" in terms of problem solving methods and techniques. This is why these associations have now decided to deepen their cooperation by establishing a programme of work and a competent committee of experts. The issue of "flexibility" is relevant to both electricity and gas markets and will be at the heart of the discussions of the committee. As regards electricity, the committee will have to describe the problem of network congestion in a clear manner as well as the range of possible solutions and available technologies, the way to get to such solutions, the challenges relating to Micro Grids, and the issues shared by both electricity DSOs and TSOs, and also by gas DSOs (Β2).

Upcoming events:

1. The European Utility Week will unfold between 15 and 17 November 2016 in Barcelona. It is the top European event in the utility sector as it will be attended by over 12,000 international visitors and stakeholders interested in smart energy solutions, and 600 exhibitors.
It serves as a 3-day dynamic platform of business, innovation and information opportunities that encourages participants to connect with one another and offers the possibility to exchange know-how and views. The programme is designed in a way that incorporates each and every level of the value chain of utilities in the form of a policy and strategy-making environment throughout the exclusive Summit, and the more practical case studies that will be presented at the Hub Sessions and can be attended by all participants in the event. The three-day event will feature two new issues: Energy Revolution Europe and Intelligent Buildings Europe. Innovation programme is at the forefront of the three-day event and will again be launched this year in the form of Initiate! Hub.
Mr. N. Chatziargyriou, HEDNO Chairman and CEO, will be a speaker at the Summit. (C.1).

2. ENTSO-E will host its annual conference 2016. The conference will discuss the proposals submitted by the European Commission regarding the design of the electrical energy market (08.12.2016, Brussels) (C.2). 

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