News brief of 8.2.2016

News from the Greek energy market:

Α. Network Management Code for the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network published in the Government Gazette (FEK)

The Network Management Code for the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network (EDDIE) was published in the Government Gazette (FEK - Issue Β, No. 78/20.01.2017) and entered into effect. The Code has already been approved by RAE's decision
No. 395/2016 (Α1), (attached).

Β. Withdrawal of licenses held by PPC S.A. to generate electricity on the
Non-Interconnected Islands.

RAE announced that PPC S.A., holder of the licenses to generate electricity on the Non-Interconnected Islands, requested license withdrawal for specific islands. (Α2) (attached).

European news:

Α. EDSO announcing the New Research & Innovation Roadmap Smart Networks for Energy Transition released by ΕΤΙΡ-SNET

EDSO announced that the European Technology and Innovation Platform - Smart Networks for Energy Transition R&I (ΕΤΙΡ-SNET) presented the long-term key priorities to enable the transition towards a reliable and sustainable European electricity system with very high shares of renewables. Overall the roadmap estimates that 2.5 billion euros investments in Research and Innovation are needed over the next 10 years to foster Europe’s Energy Union (Β3).

Β. CEER Review of current and future data management models

The “review of current and future data management models” of the Council of European Energy Regulators provides detailed information on data management models concerning electrical power consumers in the below 8 European countries: Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Norway, Spain, and The Netherlands.
The latest EU Regulation on the protection of data (April 2016) provides for data privacy, consumer's consent for collection of such data, further extending effect of the data protection law to foreign entities handling European Union residents' data, and envisages high fines for any such violations.
The European Commission, also in the framework of the Clean Energy for All Package, requests that data is handled by authorised entities, and non-discriminatory access to data for electricity market actors. It further pushes towards the adoption of a single data access approach at EU level.
The review explores how such data is collected, assessed, stored, protected, processed and accessed. Privacy, security and non-discriminatory access have relatively high degrees of fulfillment; however, the degree to which consumers have access to data is observed to be quite low. According to CEER, inadequate data management could be a barrier to retail market growth and to data privacy as well. CEER believes that data must be available for competitive market actors in a standardised format, enabling them to easily perform market operations, such as commencing a supply contract, billing, etc. The data management model should provide consumers with full ownership over their data and control over who has access to it. As a final note, it finds that currently there is little consideration of harmonising data management standards at EU level, which could be attributed to the different data management model implemented at national level. It does encourage, however, the European Commission to continue focusing on data management. (Β1) (attached).

C. EURELECTRIC's response to ENTSO-E consultation on the below Codes: Requirements for Generators (RIG), Demand Connection Code (DCC) και High Voltage Direct Current (HDVC)

On ENTSO-E's consultation on the below: Requirements for Generators (RIG), Demand Connection Code (DCC) and High Voltage Direct Current (HDVC), EURELECTRIC issued a joint DSO (CEDEC, GEODE and EDSO for Smart Grids) response paper stating that that the current implementation guidance documents relevant to the above Codes do not provide Member States with adequate guidance regarding implementation process and would like to see more technical issues clarified in the revised Plan which is expected to be released on March 7, 2017 (Β4).

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