News brief of 8.7.2016

European news:

• The establishment of the new DSO body that will consist of a centralized committee and Experts task forces was discussed in the framework of the Florence Electricity Forum. The plan also foresees the creation of a support committee that will forward to the European Commission its opinions and suggestions on technical matters. This new entity will not be identical to ENTSO-E, but it is expected to be equally significant to ENTSO – E and provide similar deliverables. Several details on this issue are yet to be clarified. The aim is to have the new entity incorporated in the "Winter Package". (Α.1)
• CEER considers the following as being the major impediments to switching energy suppliers:
1. Consumers thinking that they draw no major benefit from such switching while, at the same time, the switching process is complicated and/or consumers have little trust in the alternative suppliers
2. Charges during the supplier switching process. (Α.2)
• As mentioned in the previous news brief, ETP Smartgrids evolves into ETIP SNET (European Technology and Innovation Platform Smart Networks for Energy Transition). EURELECTRIC finds that the creation of ETIP SNET is a step forward and a development towards a comprehensive approach to such matters. (Α.3)
• In the InnoGrid2020 + 5th Annual Conference held in Brussels this week, EDSO for Smart Grids and ENTSO-E discussed the need to re-design the EU market in order to bridge the gap in terms of innovation in electricity networks. Both bodies requested that the regulatory authorities uphold the evolution of energy industry by encouraging operators to take ownership of innovation issues. Within the next month, EURELECTRIC will issue a relevant report themed: “Innovation incentives for DSOs - a necessity for the development of the new energy market”, with HEDNO being a contributor.

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