The modern tendency to improve energy quality indicators necessitates the automation of the MV network through remote control and monitoring of the installed equipment.

In this context, within the next years HEDNO is going to acquire and install a significant number of remotely-controlled load switches and remotely-controlled Automatic Reset Switches in the overhead MV network. The installation of these Switches will result in:

Benefits in network operation:

  • Improvement of the quality index of electricity supply (e.g. SAIDI, SAIFI etc.) through the automatic operation of the switches in question as well as by remote control and remote monitoring in the MV network.
  • Network supply safety due to discharge of loads (e.g. irrigation loads) to address critical system conditions (e.g., failure to cover load due to power production shortage).
  • Improved network protection.
  • Improved quality of voltage management across networks.
  • Reduced energy losses due to better network management.
  • Improved network monitoring with information made available from remote surveillance systems with more secure and more efficient network operation as a result.

Benefits in terms of performance:

  • Reduced HEDNO operational costs, due to better utilization of existing human resources (e.g. limiting the deployment of employees to on-site operations).
  • Reduced energy loss due to faster network fault detection and reduced technical losses.
  • Reduced stress on the components of the MV network during network resetting following outage due to fault.
  • Reduced risk of damage to important and expensive HV and MV Substation equipment.
  • Utilizing the new SCADA systems further.
  • Company staff shall acquire technical know-how through the use of new systems.