Project Title

The scope of the Project relates to the re-examination of all matters of the Company's supply chain and the promotion of improving & modernizing the relevant methods, practices and procedures. The optimum evaluation of the existing ERP/SAP system shall be sought in the same framework.


New Systems and Services
  • Reorganization study of the supply chain.
    Upon the completion of the study, specific actions shall be determined

The benefits expected from the implementation of this Project are related to:

  • the creation of a comprehensive proposal for actions for the organizational, administrative and operational reconstruction of the Company in every field of the supply cycle
  • the reorganization of the Warehouses
  • the optimum redistribution of the fleet of vehicles
  • the central and uniform systemic management of the stock by using appropriate information systems
  • the creation of procedures in the framework of national and international standards
  • the decrease in the operational cost of the supply chain via system utilization, work concentration and more effective resource management.
Project Progress

The Project is expected to be completed in 2021. As of March 2019, the survey for restructuring the supply chain for the following areas was complete: Supply Chain, Warehouses – Stock and Vehicle Fleet Management. A series of proposals have resulted from surveys in each of the above areas. The following actions are currently underway:

  1. Drafting of proposal regarding the selection of appropriate solutions for storage space in Athens and Thessaloniki, following an already concluded tender.
  2. The preparation of a tender for the selection of a contractor for conducting surveys and developing procedures and IT applications, within the context of the Reorganization of the supply chain.
  3. Leasing professional cars to replace existing older vehicles.