Project Title

The scope of the Project relates to the recording of the Network positions using geographic coordinates, the digitalization of electric designs and data of the Medium Voltage (MV) & Low Voltage (LV) Networks and their introduction in the Geographic Information System (GIS) installed by the Company and operating on a pilot basis in two regions of the country. Also included is the supply and installation of the required equipment, the licenses of use and geographic bases for the nation-wide coverage of the needs.

New Systems and Services
  • Computer work stations and peripheral equipment
  • GIS licenses of use
  • Geographic bases of Greek territory
  • Recording services of the positions of the Network, digitalization of maps and data and introduction to the GIS

The benefits expected from the implementation of this Project are related to:

  • the best organization (collection, updating and processing) of the geographic and descriptive data of the Network
  • the uniform support - updating of the Company’s technical activities (development, studies, construction, operation, exploitation, maintenance)
  • the improvement of Project monitoring
  • the improvement of customer service
  • the increase of staff's productivity
  • the upgrading of the organization, monitoring and maintenance of the fixed elements of the Network
  • the better handling of crises
  • facilitating information exchange with the other key computerized systems of the Company, such as the Control Centers of Distribution Networks (CCDN), the Customers' Service System etc
  • the service of future applications (i.e. support of fault reporting centers, support of "Smart Grid" applications etc)
Project Progress

The Project is expected to be completed in the 3rd quarter of 2022 (the initial timetable for project completion has been revised). As of March 2019, 25% of the Project was completed. More specifically, the OSM for the whole country has been supplied and installed while the call for tenders for the Digitization of Medium and Low Voltage grids is underway. Moreover, the internal activities for the training of the units’ staff on the operation of the Geographical Information System (GIS) are underway. The bidding process for the supply of the necessary equipment (H/W, plotters, scanners και GNSS) is in progress.