Project Title

The Project aims at setting up a Pilot Remote Reading and Management System of approximately 200,000 Low Voltage consumers' providers by replacing conventional meters with remote reading electronic meters (smart meters) at specific areas (Xanthi, Lesvos, Limnos, Aghios Efstratios) and representative samples in Athens & Thessaloniki. Furthermore, it relates to general Remote Reading planning (expansion of smart meters all over Greece for all consumers).



New Systems and Services
  • Central equipment (hardware – software) of the Remote Reading Center (main and auxiliary)
  • Equipment (hardware – software) supporting the portal
  • Support equipment (hardware – software) for communication with mobile devices
  • Approximately 200,000 new smart meters and their telecommunication means and their inclusion in the central Remote Reading System
  • Security and uninterrupted operation infrastructures
  • Education and support services of the system

The Project shall pave the way for the expansion of Remote Reading all over the country. During its design and implementation valuable technical and organizational conclusions shall be drawn, which shall contribute in the long-term to the success of financial and operational benefits offered by Remote Reading (updating of customers in real time to rationalize their consumption by providing appropriate motives, contribution to the opening of the electricity supply market, creation of new business opportunities for energy service providers, facilitation in measuring and decrease of electricity thefts, provision of information to upgrade the operation of the Network, resource saving, decrease of the operational cost of the Company etc).

Project Progress

The pilot Project is in progress. The tender procedure was concluded and the award of the contractor undertaking the supply of the equipment and software of the Remote Reading center and the installation of the new meters is pending. The project progress depends on the decisions that will be issued by the Council of State following objections filed by the bidders. Regardless of the progress of the pilot project, surveys are underway for the preparation of the implementation of remote metering across Greece.