Requests for RES power plant expansion through acquisition of a neighboring plot will be considered and the connection procedure will be carried out, provided that interested parties submit to the competent HEDNO Regional Department (for up to 100 kW PV stations) or HEDNO’s Islands Network Operation Department (for all other stations) the following documents:

-Producer's Application demonstrating sufficient justification of the necessity to expand the station.

-Ownership or legal possession titles relating to the new plot (must be neighboring to the plot initially approved by RAE or HEDNO). These must be submitted as follows:
Case no. 1 For ownership right cases, interested parties have to submit the legally certified ownership title along with all transfer and ownership certificates issued by the competent land registry office. For plots covered by the land registry, a registrable deed entry certificate and the cadastral sheet are also required.
Case no. 2 For lease cases, interested parties have to submit a legally certified copy of the long-term lease private agreement (with a 25-year minimum duration), including a copy of the property lease information statement which can be obtained by the Ministry of Finance website. Please note that the lease must clearly demonstrate permission to install the RES plant in the property.
Additionally, interested parties must submit copy of the owner’s title together with the ownership certificate.

-Updated version of AEC or the exemption certificate provided by AEC or a new version thereof that will fully cover the new installation site area (following expansion of the plot and the new RES station location).

-Updated version or new issue of the Approval for small-scale construction works, including a topographic plan - site plan of the new site area (following expansion of the plot), certified by the competent planning authority.