Based on Law 4555 (GG133 Α'/19.07.2018, article 222, par.2), property with no electricity is exempted from paying the single contributory cleaning and lighting state fees as of the data of submitting a statement by the owner or the legal representative to the relevant municipality stating that the property is not electrified and shall not be used. Up to the submission of the above statement, the fees are due to be paid per category of property under article 21 of the royal decree 24.9/20.10.1958 (Α΄ 171). If, despite the statement, it is proven that the property is either electrified or used, the debtor is charged with the fee as of the exemption date as well as an equal fine.

Debts from cleaning and lighting fees corresponding to the period up to the entry into force of this announcement, during which the electrification of a property was terminated as confirmed by the competent network operator and said property was not used according to a solemn declaration of the owner or the legal representative, are either deleted or are not confirmed to be paid. If the above solemn declaration has not been submitted up to the entry into force of this announcement, it should be submitted within six (6) months. Amounts that have been paid are not returned.

The certificate on the termination of electrification of the property is issued by the local branches of HEDNO SA.

Information on the addresses and telephone numbers of the local branches of HEDNO SA is found at the Points of Service.