Telemetering of Medium Voltage Customers

Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator S.A. (HEDNO) implemented upon open international tender procedure, the project: “Design, Supply and Installation of Medium Voltage metering data telemetering and processing System”.

This project has been completed since November 2009 and was 100% funded by the 3rd Community Support Framework (CSF) of the Operational Programme "Competitiveness”.

Upon the completion of the project:
• Favorable operational conditions of electricity market were granted, contributing to the energy market liberalization.
• Users’ services are improved.
• Visits of HEDNO’s personnel for on-site meter readings are decreased.
• Users are given the opportunity of monitoring consumed or/and produced energy through web application that provides direct access to metering data through website  
• The optimization of users’ consumer behavior is possible.
• The potential to monitor through web application of power supply quality was given, thus improving supply quality and reliability of Medium Voltage supplies.

HEDNO has taken care of the distribution and statistical analysis of metering data in accordance with the principle of transparency and the protection of consumer’s personal data, as defined by national and European regulatory frameworks.