HEDNO aims at providing better quality services to its Customers and is committed towards them mainly by:

a. the Ministerial Decision of 2007 (Δ5/ΗΛ/β/Φ1.10/6636/26.3.2007) which defines the time of response to Customers’ requests for power supply.

b. Under the "Guaranteed Services" program that has been in effect from 1/4/2014 (approved by RAE).

More information on the above can be found under  Guaranteed Services to Consumers.

At the same time, the quality of the provided energy is defined by observing two main indexes: the average interruption duration per customer (SAIDI) and the average frequency interruptions per customer (SAIFI).

Aiming at further improvement of the service quality indexes (duration for power supply studies and constructions) and energy quality indexes (decrease of the number of failures, minimization of restoration time, improvement of the provided voltage, etc.) along with the reduction of the operating cost and the increase of productivity, we proceed to important investments in networks relative to:

  • Increase of network sufficiency for the coverage of the demand.
  • Enhancement of the Network reliability
  • Network development and work automation